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So you’ve been arrested…

You may think you know what to expect will happen if you’re arrested based off of TV shows or movies you’ve seen. You may assume you’ll know how best to handle the situation, and that, if you aren’t guilty of the crime for which you’re arrested, you’ll be able to reason with the arresting officers and ensure your release. However, being arrested in real life can be very different than what you’re imagining, and you’ll need to be prepared for what comes. For legal representation you can trust in matters at the Bridgeview Courthouse or Markham Courthouse, contact criminal defense attorney John Fairman as soon as possible after an arrest. In the meantime, consider the following:

Be respectful and polite

It can be frightening to go through an arrest, and you may be tempted to try and get away, or to resist the police officer’s efforts to put you in cuffs. Remember to be as respectful and polite as you can manage, however. The police could add charges for assaulting or resisting an officer, and could generally make your time behind bars more unpleasant. Offer your name and identifying information, and refrain from any rude, evasive, or assaultive behavior.

Do not speak without a lawyer present

After you’re arrested, you may believe that you’d be able to clarify what happened or explain why you’re not guilty, if you just had the chance to tell the officer your side of events. Never forget that the police believe you’re guilty, and that it is simply their job to get you to admit it. These officers know far more than you realize about getting you to say things that make you look guilty—statements you may believe are harmless and innocent. Aside from identifying information, there are only a handful of words you need to say to the police after an arrest: “I am exercising my right to remain silent. I want my lawyer.”

Remember that cell mates can be witnesses and informants

There is little to no privacy in a jail cell. Jail staff could be listening to—even recording—your conversation, and a prisoner who seems friendly and sympathetic may happily report anything you say to an officer at the soonest opportunity, if it means a lighter sentence. Rather than take a chance, just don’t speak with anyone about your case other than your lawyer.

The most important thing to remember after a Chicago arrest? Call criminal defense lawyer John Fairman. He’s been dedicating himself to defending arrestees for decades, and he understands how to navigate the criminal justice system to ensure that you receive the fairest possible outcome. Contact the law offices of John Fairman as soon as possible after an arrest, in Homewood at 708-799-4848, and in Justice, IL at 708-799-4848.

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